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Yoga classes for everyone 

We offer a variety of yoga classes ideally suited to your needs. Whether you want to compliment your running regime, re-focus your mind after a long week, work on your stability or lengthen out your muscles, we have a style of yoga that's perfect for you. Your Yoga classes will take place in our Mind Body studios which have been designed to provide a calm and beautiful space to focus on your practise without distraction. They are equipped with all the mats, blocks and bands you need for your practice.

Yoga Flow

Loosen your body and get stronger doing it. These Yoga classes are all about fluid and dynamic movement to build up a bit of a sweat and energise you.

Yoga Align

Straighten out your life from head to toes with this style of Yoga. Slow and steady pace to help you take the time to get into the poses.

Yoga Calm

Stretch, relax and restore in these classes. Calm is all about relaxing and releasing tension in the body - whether it's from work, play or training.

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