Try the 4-Week Virgin Active Kickstart Programme

Try the 4-Week Virgin Active Kickstart Programme
BY Virgin Active South Africa
Posted On 6 January, 2023

Get Your Fitness Journey Started with Our 4-Week Kickstart Programme

As with any lifestyle change, getting started is always the hardest part. You’ve joined Virgin Active and are ready for action, but what’s the best way to get started? Through expert support, motivation, and all the equipment you need to lay the foundations of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, our 4-week Kickstart programme makes taking those first few steps more exciting – and more sustainable.

Many of us are familiar with the feeling of walking into the gym and simply not knowing where to start or what to do. The Kickstart programme removes all this initial stress, because once you’ve chosen your goal (more on that in a bit), we send you a workout programme that’s expertly tailored to helping you achieve it. With the guesswork out of the way, you’re free to focus on completing your workouts.

The Kickstart programme gives you the option of working with a personal trainer that understands your goal and can guide you to success. You’ll also receive tailored nutrition advice and the motivation you need to keep going for your first 4 weeks, and beyond. If you love working with your trainer, you can look at continuing your training with them even after the 4-week Kickstart programme.

Who is the Virgin Active Kickstart programme for?

Whether you’re a new or existing member, anyone can benefit from our Kickstart programme, but if you match up with any of the below, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. Put your hand up if…

  • You’ve joined Virgin Active, and would like to make a strong start
  • You haven’t exercised for a long time and need the motivation to get back into the swing of things
  • You have never been active before and need some guidance with getting started
  • You’ve started your journey a few times, but haven’t been able to stay consistent
  • You need some personalised advice about setting and reaching realistic health and fitness goals
  • You want to lose weight, get fitter and stronger, or tone up
  • You’ve been at it for a while, but need to course-correct to see better results

How does the Virgin Active Kickstart Programme work?

First, you need to be a Virgin Active member. Virgin Active | Join Now, Live Life Active

Next, it’s time to think about what you want out of your gym experience. For your convenience, the entire 30-day journey happens over Whatsapp, where you’ll also receive your weekly workouts and nutrition plans. When you start the goal selection process, we’ll send you all the info you need to help you make the right decision. Once you’re ready to choose a plan that works for you, we will then arrange your first consultation with your personal trainer. Remember that you can change your goal at any time!

There are three goal options available:

  1. Get Strong & Toned
    With this as your primary Kickstart programme goal, the focus is on building lean muscle and crafting a plan that will help you sculpt the body of your dreams.
  2. Get fit
    As the name suggests, this Kickstart programme is all about boosting your fitness levels, endurance, speed, and focus.
  3. Lose weight
    With this as your goal, you’ll receive a plan that will help you reach and maintain your ideal weight, while also improving your fitness.


Work with a Virgin Active Trainer

At Virgin Active, we love giving all our members options wherever possible. Whether you have a trainer, would like to find a trainer, or would prefer to go solo, our expert Personal Trainers are at your service. You have the option of working with a trainer during your Kickstart programme journey, or at any other time.

Let’s get started

Starting strong and keeping up the momentum for the first few weeks will help you build a lifestyle that features good habits, making you more likely to stick to it for months or even years to come. Go on and give it your all!

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