Workouts & Exercises – A Guide for South Africans

Workouts & Exercises – A Guide for South Africans
BY Virgin Active South Africa
Posted On 3 April, 2024

Exercise is not just about building muscle and losing a few kilograms. It is about creating a healthy lifestyle and is a cornerstone for holistic well-being. Regular exercise is proven to improve cognition, lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes and boost self-esteem; the benefits are infinite. Many forms of working out and exercising, such as yoga, cardio, and strength training, empower individuals to thrive mentally, emotionally, and physically.

We sat down with fitness expert and athlete, Trevor Lagerwey, to discuss a few gym and workout tips for South Africans. Trevor is the Head of Athletic Training at Virgin Active South Africa. Before this role, he successfully owned two boutique fitness facilities in Cape Town and organised the renowned “Unleash the Beast” fitness event. With a rich background in athletic competition, Trevor excelled as a Reebok OCR Athlete, earning the title of two-time South African Obstacle Course Racing Champion.

His expertise extends to fitness journalism, having authored numerous workouts and articles for Men’s Health magazine. Trevor has also been featured on the cover of Men’s Health over 20 times, both locally and internationally, which all attests to Trevor’s influence in the fitness industry.

Here’s what Trevor had to say.

What are some tips for joining and finding my way around the gym?
If you want to join a gym, you will want a nearby and convenient one. You can Google Virgin Active and enable your location services to find the closest Virgin Active gym to your current location.

Finding your way around the gym depends heavily on your knowledge of exercise and equipment. A great starting point would be to ask a fitness staff member at the front reception to help you tour the facility and get your bearings.
Learn more about Virgin Active’s gym floor.

What are the best workouts for weight loss?
There are no specific workouts for losing weight; it is all about increasing your heart rate for an extended period, which is how you will burn energy (calories). However, the biggest misconception in fitness is that exercise alone will make you slim down. Nutrition is 80% of the weight loss journey, with exercise playing a supportive role at 20%.

What are the best workouts for women?
There are no designated workouts for women and men. Both women and men benefit equally from the same exercise and workouts.

What workouts should children do?
This question is dependent solely on their age. Younger children should start with the foundation of bodyweight exercises and learn how to handle their weight before loading weights on a bar.

What are the best exercises for people over 50?
Resistance training is vital for people over 50. Our muscle mass diminishes as we age, so it is vital to keep increasing our Time Under Tension (TUT).

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What should I avoid doing regarding workouts?
The bottom line is to leave your ego at home. Your ego is the one thing that will get you injured at the gym.

Is working out for 30 minutes a day enough?
If you are keeping your heart rate elevated, 30 minutes a day is perfect.

How do you shape your body by working out?
You do this through resistance training, known as TUT training.

What are the three most essential workouts?
There is only one- consistency.

What is the best 7-day workout?
There isn’t one- rest is paramount for growth.

How many squats should I do per day?
The key to this question is to determine your goal before anything else.

How many push-ups should I do in a day?
The answer to this question depends on what you are aiming to achieve. Speak to a Personal Trainer for advice about your needs and desired outcome.

When is the best time to exercise?
Consistency outweighs the time of day you train. It is typically best to exercise in the morning, depending on your schedule.

When should I sleep if I exercise?
Proper rest and sleep are critical. Getting at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night is essential.

Can I exercise after eating?
Most people find it best to wait 30 minutes to 2 hours after eating before exercising.

How do you get in shape in 30 days?
You do this by establishing a plan and sticking to it.

How can I get a six-pack?
We all have one. It’s all about strengthening the muscles that are already there and fixing your diet. As mentioned, you’re already 80% there if you eat right.

Can I transform my body in one month by working out?
If you go on a heavily restrictive diet and train obsessively, you can somewhat transform your body. However, these extremes are unhealthy and not recommended. It’s essential to do it from a healthy perspective.

Thank You, Trevor Lagerwey
The key to achieving your desired outcome through exercising and working out is maintaining a balanced diet and remaining consistent with your routine. Building muscle and losing weight is possible for everyone; all it takes is time and dedication. Determine your goal, plan a routine, and prioritise your rest, and you’ll achieve your fitness goals in no time. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about feeling good.

Join a Virgin Active gym near you today to start your fitness journey and begin on your path to living fully and healthily.