Summer core series

Summer core series
BY Virgin Active South Africa
Posted On 5 January, 2023

Summer core series

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, we’ve structured the core programme to fit all fitness levels.
There are 16 days of core workouts, you will do one every second day.The workouts are typically only 20 minutes long so “no time” is no excuse. On alternate days, cardio and mobility should be your training focuses. Your coaches are the amazing Zaakirah Khalek and Lucky Fadzi (their abs are things of beauty).


A word from your coaches

This programme puts a lot focus on what most people tend to neglect which is your core! The core is arguably one of the most important set of muscles in our bodies. From abdominals; pelvic floor muscles, transversus abdominis, multifidus, internal and external obliques, rectus abdominis, erector spinae and diaphragm. All these muscles work in unison to help us with daily activities and sport performance. They’re also vital for better balance, posture, spinal alignment and support, injury prevention, and more! So being part of this program will have tremendous benefits to your core and to your overall performance in all other physical activities. 


Most people think ab exercises burn just belly fat or that there are exercises you can do just to target certain body fat but that’s not true. Fat loss is throughout the entire body and that is what will make your abs visible since our abs are mostly underneath the belly fat.  So how do you get abs? It’s about mixing it up and having good balance between burning fat through cardio/HIIT etc. and as well as some ab exercises to build up and define your abs. This program touches on all that with ab exercises, cardio, and most importantly strengthening our core.

Yes, abs are made in the kitchen

What you eat is just as important if you want abs.  Our bodies basically work on energy in and energy out which is measured in calories. So if we take in more calories than we lose, we gain weight (surplus) and if we lose more than we take in, we lose weight (deficit). If you want to see great results our challenge to you is to lose fat. That means you will need to watch your diet. It’s always great to start off your day with a protein-rich breakfast, this will help you feel fuller throughout the day and suppress junk food cravings. Then when it comes to meals you want to stick to mostly whole grains, legumes, vegetables, high protein food and fruits etc. Then you want to try and avoid simple sugars, fast food, fizzy drinks, high-fat food and limit your heavy carbs intake. Then drinking enough water is just as important. All this is to make sure we are losing more calories than we are eating and trying to eat nutrient-rich food that will sustain our energy levels and be beneficial to our overall health.

Free for members

All of our members (including our online-only members) have free access to the programme. We’ve included the first workout here so you can get a feel for what the series is about. If you’re not a member and you’re keen to get stuck into this programme, sign up as an Online or Online Plus member from as little as R89 a month now. Not only will you get access to the series, you will also have access to over 400 on-demand workouts, live-streamed classes and series.