Fun tips for staying active during the holidays

Fun tips for staying active during the holidays
BY Virgin Active South Africa
Posted On 5 January, 2023

It is that time of the year, school’s out and kids are out of their routine. Kinderkineticist and Virgin Active Expert, Dr Africa is here with some fab family-friendly movement tips.

It is not easy to find a balance and handle a chaotic house, constant boredom, frequent snack requests and whining about having nothing to do. The goal is to make physical activity part of your family’s daily holiday routine and it depends on your choice of summer holiday.

Create a physical activity jar (or brain break for you) where the whole family can have a chance to pick an activity. Write short, fun activities on small pieces of paper. The idea is to keep it short and sweet. Involve the kids and let them add their ideas too. This way you can be sneaky with keeping them active throughout the holiday. Be creative and let them design a visual motivation chart and provide stars for every successful 30 seconds as a reward.

Here are some activities you can drop in your jar: Hop like a bunny/ jump like a frog/ walk like a crab/ bear walk/ run like a cheetah/ gallop like a horse/ balance on one leg like a flamingo for 30 seconds per activity (keep a stopwatch or kitchen timer close by). When in doubt, dance it out (put on a favourite song and dance until the song is done).

Hopscotch is always a winner and spur-of-the-moment fun. Paint or draw a grid of squares or different shapes in your driveway or use masking tape and be creative on the dining room floor. There are a few ways of playing, you essentially only need a small object such as a stone, rolled up socks, beanbag or a soft toy.

Do household chores together. What about a house cleaning competition? Assign specific areas to everyone and see who can pack away and clean their area the fastest. This way your house gets cleaned and the family is physically active. – Let the kids take off the washing, roll up the socks and toss it into the laundry basket.

Get creative with playdates. Go for walks on the beach with friends and their kids often and get your steps in while letting the children engage in physical activity without realising it.

, subscribe and schedule mini workouts in your garden or lounge in your own time.

Draw inspiration from your kids to stay active and maintain your fitness levels. Children are not made to sit still, and we are pushing against their natural instincts when we expect them to. So, prioritise and combine structured as well as unstructured activities. Make memories, boost your children’s confidence, and connect with them this summer.

Happy Summer!