Never tried Yoga?

Never tried Yoga?
BY Virgin Active South Africa
Posted On 5 January, 2023

So you want to try your hand at Yoga, but don’t quite know where to start or what to do? It can feel intimidating to start out,
thinking you need a pricey mat and matching Yoga kit from your favourite Insta influencer along with a healthy dose of flexibility.
We’re here to dispel the myths and let you know that Yoga really is for everyone. 

Yoga is for everyone

Yoga at Virgin Active is for everyone. It’s a non-competitive environment which means beginners and those who have been practicing for years can come together as a community.
Yoga is great for inflexible people as it improves flexibility and mobility and improves the performance of athletes.
Runners, cyclists, swimmers, lifters… everyone can benefit from adding Yoga to their workout regime. 

Yoga doesn’t need a certain level of flexibility or fitness to get started. And you definitely don’t need to know how to stand on your head to begin with. Some comfortable pants that are form fitting to allow for easy movement, a mat or any soft towel will do to start with. We have Yoga mats and props in club too if you don’t have these just yet, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer.

Pick a practice that’s perfect (for you)

There are many different types and styles of yoga, but don’t let them intimidate you.The most important thing to do is get started. At Virgin Active, we offer three styles of Yoga. 

☀️Yoga Align is your foundational practice. It’s really focused on holding shapes and poses for longerso a good place to start if you’re new to Yoga. It involves lots of standing and is great for clarity and focussing the mind. 

💧Yoga Flow classes will have you moving through the practice from one shape to the next, really using breath as a foundation. It’s a dynamic and energetic practice where you work up a bit of a sweat. 

🍃Yoga Calm is grounding, less dynamic and closer to the floor with lots of seated and lying shapes. There is a lot of stillness. This practice restores, stretches and creates space for bodies and minds.

If you’d like to get a feel for the different types of classes, head over to Coach and try a few or book your next class now

Strike a pose! 

We’ve seen some of the poses pro yogi’s pull off and they can be daunting! But everyone starts somewhere, so don’t feel despondent when you can’t get into a certain pose, in fact, it’s perfectly fine to skip a pose if you can’t do it. Your instructor will show you how to modify the pose to suit your skill level.  

Our Yogis have put together a selection of demos for you to get to grips with everything from Downward Dog to a few trickier transitions, they’ve got you covered. Check out the Yoga demos now 

 Yoga 101  

This goes without saying, but make sure you’re hydrated during your class and keep a sweat towel nearby. You’re going to get sweaty (yup, Yoga will do that to you), and you’ll need to hydrate. Remember not to go into the class with a self-imposed expectation. Go in with an open mind and take each pose as it comes. Remember no one is a master by simply walking through the door, everyone in the room has been where you are now. 

Go in with an open heart and open mind and simply enjoy 🙏