Embrace these seven wellness wins

Embrace these seven wellness wins
BY Virgin Active South Africa
Posted On 18 April, 2023

When adopting a healthy life centred around wellness, we often look for the secret to success. So, here’s the secret… there isn’t one. In fact, despite claims from health and wellness ‘gurus’ on everything from elixirs to cleanses and every fad in between, the only change you need to make is how you think about and approach holistic wellness.

In the spirit of the 75th World Health Day on 7 April, we want to help you flip these seven deadly sins into seven wellness wins.

1. Be PROUD of your progress, but keep your head in the game
Whether you’re starting out on your wellness journey, or are already well-established in a routine centred around fitness, nutrition, and self-care, each person has a different motivation that fuels their desire to be the best version of themselves. Use your own personal motivation to drive you and stop comparing yourself to others. Celebrate your progress at every stage, but realise that it’s a journey, so stay consistent with the work you put in towards reaching your long-term wellness goals.

2. Set audacious goals, but don’t be GREEDY for results
We want it all, and we want it now. It’s the natural human condition. Many struggle because they set lofty goals that don’t provide instant results. Replace greed with grit and your journey won’t be derailed. It may take longer than you thought, but it will be worth it in the end.

3. It’s ok to give in to TEMPTATION – as long as you course correct along the way
There will always be some form of temptation. That slice of cheesecake or extra serving of fries. We’re all human and the allure of these treats will always be there – so allow yourself a little slack and the chance to enjoy that treat. Highly restrictive diets and depriving yourself of the occasional reward is never the answer – as long as you savour the moment, let go of the guilt and return to your routine programme to ensure a balanced and consistent approach to routine and reward.

4. Every body is different for everybody – focus on appreciating yours
Try not get caught up in ENVYING other’s progress, physique, or outward appearance – whether in person or on social media. Own your wellness journey, stick to your personal goals, and focus on embracing your body and its capabilities. You will experience challenges and accomplishments in different ways to others, but that is the beauty of achievement. Celebrate YOUR progress and YOUR outcomes.

5. Everything in moderation – don’t get GREEDY
Consistency and moderation may be the two words most attributed to any successful fitness journey because – quite frankly – these are baseline behaviour traits that have the potential to make or break any progress made. Overdoing anything, whether it’s food, exercise, rest, or specific wellness habits or routines, will always end with less than desirable results. Be intentional with your approach to goal-setting and progress, and focus on each day, goal, and outcome with a balanced and healthy mindset.

6. To nap, or not to nap? That is the question!
Starting a new fitness or training programme does not require immediate and high intensity activity, nor drastic changes to lifestyle and nutrition unless guided by a medical professional. For someone starting from a base of zero, incorporating more movement or walks for example can have a very quick impact on physical fitness and wellness. Starting slow and steady in no way implies a lack of commitment, or LAZINESS. Take the time to rest and relax as much as your body needs to. Be patient and focus on the daily wins.

7. Don’t get mad, get focused
Diligence will set you free and is one of the most important lessons to learn and adopt when working on yourself. They say that careful and consistent commitment will always pay off and nothing could be truer in the case of exercise and nutrition. There will always be fumbles, setbacks, and breaks from your routine – and that’s ok. Stay focussed on the bigger picture while tackling your goals in small increments. If you falter, don’t get angry with yourself. Overall wellness requires self-kindness, not self-deprecation. Give yourself a break and turn those negative feelings into renewed focus.

Whether you’re a tri-athlete, a working parent that squeezes in the occasional cycle class, or a newbie making the decision right now to work on your wellness with better behaviours or habits, there’s no right or wrong approach. Quite simply, when your mindset is focused on being the best version of yourself, you’ve already taken the hardest step.

Remember these seven wellness wins and stay true and kind to yourself.

Your 2023 road to wellness is in the bag.