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Introducing Yoga Sound Bath

Here at Virgin Active, we’re passionate about enhancing your exercise experience to bring you a sense of complete wellness every time you visit us. That’s why, from September 2023, we’re introducing a brand-new concept into some of our clubs. Say hello to Yoga Sound Bath!

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Women need a workplace that works for them, not against them

Virgin Active South Africa Managing Director, Jessica Spira shares compelling insight into the strains on well-being which working women face today; and offers tips on how businesses can effect better self-care and productivity practices for their employees and customers.

Sleep strategies

Get the rest you deserve

Your health and quality of life are greatly influenced by sleep loss, says Diwakar Balachandran, MD, Medical Director at the MD Anderson Sleep Center.

Age Well

Looking for the secret to being your best self at 75?

There is no magic elixir of youth unfortunately. We can’t turn back the hands of time, but there is however a way to ensure that you are your fittest, healthiest and happiest self at 75, writes Kim Hofmann, registered dietician.

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Well for life

New research continues to highlight the fact that staying fit has a cumulative effect – and it starts early on. The common thread seems to be less about how much physical activity you do, but rather the influence that consistent healthy habits add up to as you age.

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Embrace these seven wellness wins

In the spirit of the 75th World Health Day on 7 April, we want to help you flip these seven deadly sins into seven wellness wins.