Holistic Wellness Arrives at Virgin Active Hazeldean

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Holistic Wellness Arrives at Virgin Active Hazeldean
BY Virgin Active South Africa
Posted On 27 May, 2024

Virgin Active has long been a brand to do things differently – and to do things for the better. And when it came to revamping our Hazeldean gym in Pretoria, we completely flipped the concept of gym on its head to offer members – existing and new – a holistic wellness experience unlike anything seen before in South Africa.

But what exactly is wellness? Wellness is a personal state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. And Hazeldean’s introduction of Sound Bath and Hot Yoga, the revamped Kauai, upgraded equipment – plus a wide range of social group exercise classes including Reformer Pilates – delivers an epic gym offering that 100% focuses on health beyond the machines.

Hot yoga


Get zen in a Hot Yoga class
In terms of physical-meets-mental wellness, the gym has introduced Hot Yoga into the mix. A centuries-old form of exercising with mindfulness, the increased room temperature means it’s easier to sweat out the stress and toxins and push yourself that bit deeper and harder. It really is a case of walking in and floating out on a Zen high.

Sound bath

Take a Sound Bath
Still on mental wellness, you can now get buttery in a deeply meditative Yoga Sound Bath class where you are guided by the vibrations and rippling notes of singing bowls. It may seem a little out there, but science has shown a link between a sound bath and altered brain activity in addition to reduced stress, improved pain management, sleep quality, emotional regulation and boosted immune function, among many other benefits. Slipping into a pool of healing has never been easier.

Reformer Pilates


Find your pace with Reformer Pilates
Our revamped club has also added Reformer Pilates to their mix of offerings. What makes Reformer slightly different is the use of a specialised piece of equipment called a Reformer machine. It’s all about controlled movements that challenge and boost your core strength, flexibility and body awareness. And of course, under the guidance of an experienced trainer.



Push your limits in GRID
We’ve also taken a long hard look at our High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) offering (known as GRID) and made some key changes. The equipment has been completely upgraded to include ski-ergs and assault bikes, the class structure is clearly communicated on a board and members move through stations to keep the intensity going. At Virgin Active gyms, the fun is fully back in functional.



Kids get in on the fun too
Over and above Club-V, where parents get to train while the little ones learn through movement and play, Hazeldean is welcoming the revised Learn to Swim programme to our heated pools. Run by highly skilled coaches, tadpoles and pro-sharks of all ages are welcome.



Less talking, more doing
The revamped Virgin Active Hazeldean reopened on 18 May 2024. So, get your free day pass here (or dust off your membership card) and kickstart your wellness journey with us. Join our Hazeldean gym in Pretoria today.