Cross training playlist for cyclists

Cross training playlist for cyclists
BY Virgin Active South Africa
Posted On 5 January, 2023

For some, preparing for a major event like the Virgin Active 947 Ride Joburg starts almost as soon as the last one has ended. For others, this milestone event is something used to challenge themselves. No matter how you’ve been preparing for race day, ensuring that you’ve ticked all the boxes is vital ahead of hitting the streets.

Cross training provides an injection of fun and variety and will make you a stronger cyclist without turning the pedals. As well as being recuperative, cross-training can be transformative. Doing nothing but riding your bike will create body imbalances, which can eventually lead to overuse injuries.

Cross training brings its share of benefits for cyclists too. It improves flexibility, stability and agility, it also stimulates breathing and aerobic capacity. Not sure what to add to your training regime?


From GRID to Pilates, we’ve put a free playlist together packed with workouts that will keep your preparations interesting and give you the edge come race day.

Virgin Active members have access to 400+ on-demand workouts on our app including a great new series for Cyclists. Make sure you’ve downloaded the app.