8 – 13s: Working out with your kids

8 – 13s: Working out with your kids
BY Virgin Active South Africa
Posted On 5 January, 2023

Between the ages of 8 and 13, children can exercise alongside their parents in various areas of our clubs and once they are 14 are able to use all areas and facilities without your direct supervision. Kids between the ages of 8 and 13 can also access Club-V Max facilities if they are available inside your club.

Getting and staying active has endless benefits. Starting them young and exercising with your kids is a great way to lay the foundation for a healthy, active life. Not only does it promote balance, strength, agility, fitness, coordination and further development of motor skills, it floods the brain with feel-good endorphins too. Exercise is crucial for developing healthy bodies and minds and is a great excuse for more family time together!

8-13s in the club

Under your supervision, you can all get your cardio on by using the following specially selected pieces of cardio equipment: steppers, ellipticals, Excite climbers, upright bicycles, reclining bicycles, rowers, arm ergometers and Varios/Waves.

They can also participate in a selection of age-appropriate group exercise classes, with you, namely Family 24, Zumba, Stretch, Just Dance, Express Abs and Core Conditioning.

Your kids can also swim in our leisure and lap pools with you.
You can also use our squash courts (club-specific) and the stretch areas together.

8-13s in Club-V Max

Club-V Max facilities go up to 13 years and are available at 22 of our clubs across the country. Here, in these larger facilities with multiple activity spaces, your kids will partake in scientifically developed motor skills and movement programmes.

Classes for under 13s at Club-V Max include:

GRID Squad: Grid Squad puts the fun into functional training, teaching kids 6 primal movement skills, whilst having loads of fun.

Boost: Boost is a drills-centric class that develops speed, power, agility and quickness, turning your kids into better movers for life.

Game On: Game On gets kids breathlessly active with playground-inspired movement activities.

Go52: A fun High Intensity Interval Training class, introducing kids to the wonderful world of bodyweight training.

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