10% off all recurring UCOOK orders

Current UCOOK customers get a recurring 10% discount on all future orders. Offer applies to all categories & plans. UCOOK is here to change dinner time for good. They’re an ethical company looking to make cooking easy again, by teaching you how to create incredible dishes with ethically and locally sourced ingredients – all delivered straight to your door every week.

Get started with UCOOK’s selection of 12 new recipes each week.

  1. Send an email with your full name and premier membership card number to virgin@ucook.co.za.
  2. Please specify in your mail if you are a new or existing customer to UCOOK.
  3. We will respond with your unique code(s) and a set of instructions on how to redeem your exclusive Virgin Active Premier User benefit on the UCOOK website.
This offer applies to all categories & plans. For further queries, get in touch with the UCOOK Customer Support Team available from 8am-6pm. Call or visit ucook.co.za to chat with them.
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