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What rewards can you get?
Get a weekly small smoothie or hot drink
Earn points and wallet cashback
Exclusive member benefits
Weekly Rewards

Train in-club twice every week for 30 minutes or more to claim your weekly reward. Choose from our Weekly rewards partners The Sneaker Shack, Biogen, Kauai and Nu.

Some ways to earn
tier points
Earn points to move up to the next tier and unlock even more rewards.
Download our app
50 points
Birthday bonus
25 points
Visit a club
25 points
Book and attend a class
25 points
Do an online workout
5 points
Pay membership fees
25 points
Membership anniversary
50 points
Refer a friend who joins
75 points
So many more ways to earn in the app
frequently asked questions

Got questions?
We’ve got the answers.

How do I join the new Virgin Active Rewards programme?

All Virgin Active members who have a valid contract, are in good standing and are of qualifying age are eligible to enjoy the benefits of the Virgin Active Rewards Programme. In order to activate your benefits you must download and access the latest version of the Virgin Active App.


Review our terms and conditions for more details on who qualifies for the rewards programme.

How do I achieve my weekly goal?

In order to unlock your weekly reward you must visit a club twice a week for a minimum of 30 minutes per visit. A qualifying visit requires you to scan your digital access card (found in the app) on entry AND when you exit the club. Only one visit a day counts towards your weekly goal. The week starts on Monday morning (00:00) and ends at midnight on a Sunday (00:00).

What do I get for achieving my weekly goal?

A voucher for any small smoothie (excl. Protein, Superfood and Functional blends) or any short hot drink from Kauai or Nu stores.

The voucher is redeemable at either in-club Kauai or Nu store or retail stores (outside of the clubs) and is valid for 7 days, from date of issue.

What is a Sprint Reward?

When you complete 4 consecutive Weekly Goals, additional rewards are unlocked. You will have a choice of 3 rewards: (1) R50 Wallet Balance OR (2) 150 Tier points OR (3) a Free Large Smoothie from Kauai / Nu.


Your sprint weeks start whenever you download the app and you will be rewarded every 4 weeks, on a rolling basis, if you’ve consecutively reached your Weekly Goals, (a “Sprint Cycle”).

Should you fail to achieve a Weekly Goal at any point during a Sprint Cycle, the Sprint Cycle will restart again the following week.

How do I earn and spend the cashback in my App Wallet?

Every month, any Tier Points you accumulated during the month are automatically converted to your App wallet. Tier Points automatically converted monthly into the wallet (R1 for every 100 points). You can also earn R50 cashback into your app wallet when achieving your Sprint.

You can spend your cashback towards your monthly membership fee.

How do I earn Tier Points and what are they used for?

Tier points can be earned by completing multiple activities per month. These activities include, and are not limited to, visiting a club for 30 minutes or more, doing an online workout, booking and attending a class to mention a few. The full list of activities is available in the app.

Tier points can be used to move you up a tier (500 points required to move up to the next tier). Their points are also automatically converted into your app wallet.

I see the programme has tiers, what tier will I be on?

There are 3 tiers: Bronze; Silver and Gold which offer exclusive partner discounts and rewards.

Your tier status is determined by your membership type, however, you can upgrade to a higher tier by accumulating 500-1000 (depending on your current tier status) tier points on a monthly basis earned for various activities.
Tier points are converted automatically into Cashback into your app wallet and there is no choice on how many points are to be converted because Tier points reset to zero monthly.

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