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We believe that choosing between a demanding career and living an active lifestyle is not an either/or scenario. Too much work and not enough activity (and vice versa) is not a sustainable way to live, which is why an employee wellness programme is essential for every company in South Africa. Does your company have a competitive employee value proposition?

Why else should employee wellness be a priority for every company? Mental health issues like burnout, breakdowns and depression are on the rise while sitting for long periods radically increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, deep-vein thrombosis and metabolic syndrome.

The goal of our employee value proposition solution is to help every team member achieve optimal health, which leads to better immunity, higher energy levels, reduced stress levels, increased productivity and more.

Work out wherever
you are

At home
At home

Get access to over 700 on-demand workout videos created by our best instructors, not to mention their live classes you can stream.

At the office

Invite us to your office to provide employees with team building activities or a group workout if everyone is feeling active. To get the creative juices flowing in our brains we first need to move.

At the gym

If employees prefer to workout at the gym, they can get up to 5 gym passes per week. We want to provide the maximum amount of flexibility so that everyone feels able to be active.

Two people exercise with kettlebells as part of their Virgin Active employee wellness solution with their employer's corporate wellness programme.
The benefits

A healthy
is a happy one

  • Improve physical & mental wellbeing
  • Improve focus & productivity
  • Boost morale, mood & energy
  • Improve employee recruitment & retention
  • Improve stress management
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Combat diseases associated with obesity or sedentary lifestyles
Wellness Cta

Help your team achieve
optimal health