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Meet the fierce, fabulous, and fearless women of South African sport in our members-only magazine.

This is her story

In this edition of Activate, we are celebrating South African women. From superstars on the court, pitch and field, to the inspiring stories from women in our very own Virgin Active team. If you are a woman, know a woman or if you are raising future fearless woman, this one's for you.
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5 inspiring South African Sportswomen

5 stories from South African sportswomen who are ahead of their game.


Be Inspired

Meet 5 women who make your Virgin Active experience great and discover their inspiring stories.


Sweat it Girl

Find out how exercise boosts girls’ self-confidence, academic performance and sense of belonging.


The Sun Sleep Solution

Sleep is an incredibly important factor in a healthy lifestyle, without it we experience a cascade of negative symptoms. Find how to improve your sleep for a healthy, happy body.


Hear from our experts

Our club experience is designed by industry leading sports science and nutrition experts. Learn their secret to a healthier lifestyle.

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