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We are one team and want our people to always feel they can be themselves.

This is our promise to our teams. It's a big one. Our reputation as an employer and our success as a business rests on our ability to deliver it.

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Retirement contribution

Up to 6.5% of your monthly salary – On top of your salary, Virgin Active pays 6.5% of your salary towards our retirement savings every month

Life cover

Up to 4 x annual salary – Taking care of your beneficiaries financially if you should pass away less any sever illness cover paid

Disability cover

Up to 75% of your monthly salary – Protecting you if you were unable to work anymore due to medical incapacity

Severe illness cover

Up to 1 x annual salary financial assistance should you be diagnosed with certain severe illnesses

Family funeral cover

Cash lump sum – Cash assistance for the funeral arrangements for you and your immediate family

Global education protector

Add-on to life cover – This could pay towards your childresn’s education if you pass away.

Cover for medical costs

Monthly medical subsidy – Virgin Active provides a very generous subsidy to help you get private medical cover at as little cost to you as possible.

People Promise

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